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The CASA Awards programs allow people all over the world to assist in the nominating and judging process. By using the web, we can get more people involved, and simultaneously guarantee consistently high-quality judging.

Becoming a Nominator / Judge

In order to join a nominating committee, any person may fill out our nominator/judge interest form no later than September 15 (AVAs) / October 15 (CARAs).

What We Look For

S/he must have adequate a cappella experience and knowledge , have no relations/conflicts of interest with any competing groups in the category(ies) in which s/he is working, and s/he must be committed to impartiality . Judges and nominators can be anywhere in the world while they are performing their duties but they must be CASA members in order to participate. (If you wish to apply, you may purchase a CASA membership at the following page: www.casa.org/individual_membership.)

A diverse subset of the individuals from the pool of applicants will be chosen as judges. Qualifications may include superior musicianship, a cappella experience and knowledge, and recording or production experience. We take the qualifications of our judges very seriously in an effort to maintain the prestige of the CARAs. These positions require a lesser time commitment than do the nominating positions (because there is significantly less music to which you must listen) but is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated the highest level of proficiency in the a cappella domain.

Process Overview

We have released a detailed article describing our philosophy and process. It's good to be familiar with, but intimate knowledge is not a prerequisite for volunteering.

All eligible submissions will be uploaded to our secure site as they become available: no later than the submission deadline for the program. All submissions within an assigned category will be viewed/listened to by no less than five and no more than twenty nominators by the nomination deadline. Nominators will have the ability to choose as many submissions as they see fit to nominate in each category. Once all submissions are received, nominators will be asked to go through their selections and pare down their choices as necessary after hearing all available options. At this time nominations can be added, removed, or otherwise changed, as the circumstances dictate. On the nomination deadline, nominations are frozen and nominations are tallied. The four or five submissions in each category with the most nominations are considered the official nominees and are published online. If there is a tie, discussion between coordinators and nominators will determine the contested spot(s).

Once nominations have finished, judges will receive access to view/listen to the nominees. Judges rank all of the nominees in every category for which they are judging. Each category will be viewed/listened to by no less than five judges. Scores for each category are submitted to a run-off algorithm, yielding a winner and a runner-up in each. If there is a tie, discussions between coordinators and judges will determine the contested spot(s). Winners and runners-up are announced on www.casa.org and live at the awards presentation ceremony at LAAF (AVAs) or BOSS (CARAs).

Apply to be a nominator or judge.