5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-2 (Sept. 26), 2nd Hour: Round 1, Bracket 4

Hour two of episode two begins with Nick Lachey's sticking by his new catchphrase: "The show that's riding the wave of a whole new musical movement." You're a musicologist now?

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Lynbrook Native Takes the Stage in ‘The Sing-Off’

Getting up on stage in front of millions of viewers is many singers’ dream come true — for one Lynbrook resident, that dream will be televised Monday night.

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Wenham's Penta To Be On NBC's 'The Sing-Off'

Everyone has heard their mother say, “If your friends jumped off the bridge, would you?” Actually, in some instances it pays to follow your high school friends.

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Skip to content UD’s Deltones go Hollywood for “The Sing-Off”

When NBC announced that the University of Delaware’s a cappella group would be among the contestants on this fall’s season of “The Sing-Off,” it was a surprise to many in the First State — but not