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Coming in the next six weeks, the Barbershop Harmony Society will significantly overhaul the way it prices and sells sheet music, its first major significant pricing change since 2004.music_cover_Im_Yours

All sheet music, whether published or unpublished, will be sold at fixed prices. We have eliminated the variable arranger fees that often confused customers; these fees also tended to price some of the best charts beyond the means of many performers. Now, most unpublished arrangements will be less expensive than under the old system.

Better still, all members, quartets and chapters will now enjoy a 25% discount on all purchases at Harmony Marketplace. A forthcoming technology upgrade will automatically award you the best price for any purchase, simplifying the shopping and checkout process.

 Together, these upgrades to our pricing and technology will have an even greater global impact.

  • Our pricing will be identical to that found at major publishers such as Hal Leonard.

  • Under a single licensing model, we will be able to rapidly expand the range of titles being sold worldwide, bringing more barbershop music to more people in more countries.

  • These changes will create a more equitable compensation system for our arrangers, enhancing their revenue and providing incentive for them to continue to expand our catalog with top quality material distributed around the world.

Updated sheet music pricing
Effective on or about June 6, 2015

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With 25% Member Discount

Published titles



Unpublished titles