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There is something inherently lame about a cappella singing. This may be because of its roots in barbershop or the high technical barrier required for entry. Or maybe it’s the fact that a group of people standing around mimicking instruments is kind of ridiculous. How could voices ever stand up to actual instruments, especially in the face of an era benchmarked by electronic sound? That said, what a cappella groups can do is undeniably distinct. When done well, a cappella definitely does stand up. As we move through the 2010s a cappella is seeing its moment in the sun. Popular culture is finally catching up to what so many fans already knew: a cappella is worthy of our iPods, our downloads, our views. If it weren’t for the internet and viral videos, the genre would not be nearly as successful.

Like many modern trends, the internet played a huge role in the birth of a cappella’s popularity. The form was popular on college campuses for decades, but the web allowed for the rapid spread of ideas, technique and music. Suddenly schools across the country — and the world — could see what other talented students were doing and replicate it. Portals like YouTube and iTunes became indispensable for the dissemination of a cappella. It was only a matter of time until the mainstream media took notice and saw dollar signs.

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