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Pentatonix managed to do what many reality singing competition acts can’t: find success after that first big win.

After winning the third season of The Sing-Off back in 2011, the a cappella group then carved a niche for themselves on the internet. They didn’t have to change much in order to turn into viral sensations; they just needed a new platform to show off their vocal skills, their unique knack for turning familiar songs into something new and exciting and their great sense of teamwork. Now they’re touring the world selling out shows everywhere they go.

With their crazy schedule in mind, ANDPOP’s Simon Mohos challenged Pentatonix’s Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kevin Olusola, Avi Kaplan, and Kirstie Maldonado to a round of Truth or Dare. Simon finds out the secret to Mitch’s amazing selfies, who has the strongest arm of the group and who can do the best presidential impression!

So what are waiting for? Smack that play button to learn more about Pentatonix!

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