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Port Washington — The two boys couldn't contain their excitement.

It was the end of their freshman year at Port Washington High School, and the choir director had told them to see the counselor about clearing part of their 10th grade schedule, "in case" their auditions had qualified them for the school's elite a cappella group.

"As soon as the door closed we were jumping up and down and cheering," said Aidan Wojciehowski, a popular student athlete who would later co-captain the football team.

Now Wojciehowski and Brian Arvai are seniors in Limited Edition, one of a growing number of contemporary a cappella groups at high schools nationwide bringing a new sound to traditional music education programs.

To accommodate the interest, the company that puts on the annual high school and college a cappella championships has added two regional high school qualifiers before the national competition in New York in April.

Wisconsin will host its first regional a cappella competition Saturday at Port Washington High School.

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