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American audiences are addicted – to listening to one another sing.  It started ten years ago with the American Idol show, then ramped up three years ago when Glee and The Sing-off debuted.  This year we’re mesmerized with The Voice, especially since WHS grad James Massone made it so far in the competition.  On Friday evening, May 4 you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at some other new voices, as an a cappella event showcasing regional high school talent will take place in the new theater space at Wakefield High School.  The event is two-fold, to showcase the students and to raise some funds to help retire the loan that the Center for Performing Arts incurred in order to finish the construction of the new theater.If you’ve watched The Sing-Off, you’ll have an idea of what to expect.  A cappella is singing without any instrumental back-up.  The only instrument you’ll see is a pitch pipe, used to give the vocalists their starting note.  After that, it’s human voices only, although you may be fooled when you hear the percussionists.  There is no karaoke aspect, no singing along to pre-recorded tracks.  It is all live and acoustic, and the new WHS theater space, designed to be intimate in size and with incredible acoustic conditions, is the perfect place for this type of concert.Read the rest