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Congratulations to the 2008 Jonathan A. Minkoff A cappella Award Committee, Freddie Feldman, Diana Preisler, Marty Gasper and Dave Brown. These are the folks who along with me, Jonathan Minkoff, review all the applications and finally help determine which applicants will have their grant requests approved.

There are a lot of people out in the world doing great things in a cappella, things that help the community, things that further the art form of a cappella music. The Jonathan A. Minkoff A cappella Award was created to help provide real financial support to individuals and groups who are out there fighting the good fight and breaking the boundaries of this art form. It’s also there to help inspire those who just need a little help to bring their projects to life!

If funding could help make the difference in your a cappella project, the Jonathan A. Minkoff A cappella Award might be right for you.

I’ve been asked whether the Jonathan A. Minkoff A cappella Award would consider funding the recording of an album. The answer is yes! But not all CD recording projects are created equal. A successful applicant would have to demonstrate why this album would both further the art form of a cappella and benefit the community. What does that mean? Well consider this:

Is it an album of songs about healing and rejuvenation that you plan to provide free of charge to cancer patients? Or are you just recording 12 cover songs that you like to sing so you can sell the CD at your concerts and make some money for pizza on your spring break tour?

The first is a collection of music that’s probably unique in the world of contemporary a cappella. Even as a work, it would likely further the art form. And helping cancer patients sounds like a benefit to the community.

What about the same-old, same-old 12 cover song application? How would the art form benefit from a few more covers? How would the community benefit by merely selling CDs at your concerts? It might be possible to make an argument here, and we’re open to reading it, but I think it’s a tough sell.

The Jonathan A. Minkoff A cappella Award application is a mere two pages long. That’s all that’s standing between you and the hundreds or thousands of dollars you need to take your project to the next level.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and winners are announced at the East Coast A cappella Summit.