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The Best of Collegiate A cappella (BOCA) and Best of High School A cappella (BOHSA) compilations, produced annually by Varsity Vocals, are arguably the most popular, most anticipated a cappella albums of the year. Hundreds of amazing groups submit their albums in the hopes of being selected for one of the genre’s highest scholastic honors.

Today, A Cappella Records is pleased to announce a partnership with Varsity Vocals to release the entire BOCA/BOHSA series online for digital download.  The release schedule kicks off today with BOCA 2011 and BOHSA 2010-2011 on iTunes worldwide. Over the next few months, A Cappella Records will get every album on all the major digital retail stores. We’ll be announcing specifics as we know them, so please stay tuned. Until then, enjoy the brand new albums here:

BOCA 2011 | BOHSA 2011-2010