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If your group released an album in 2008, don't miss your chance to submit it for consideration in the 2009 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA)!

The annual Contemporary
A cappella Recording Awards (CARA)
recognize the
best of recorded a cappella music. We are the only truly global a cappella
recording awards. Every year since 1992 hundreds of albums are considered in
this celebration of the best a cappella recorded around the planet.


The CARA mission reflects that of its parent organization,
the Contemporary A cappella Society (CASA):
we aim to reward artists that create outstanding work and to promote
innovation, creativity, and continued growth of the a cappella modality.
Furthermore, we aim to foster the a cappella community by having its best and
brightest participate in the CARA nomination and judging process. Finally, we
use our application process as a means to provide resources to charitable
programs such as Tunes to


The CARA deadlines are looming for the 2009 award year!


The submission guidelines are here.


The album submission form (which you can fill out at any
time before or after sending in CDs) is here.


Big changes this year:

For any continent other than North America that
has a sufficient number of submissions, we will be giving out Best of the
Continent album awards (i.e. Best European Album)

We will be awarding a Best Freshman Album award
for groups that have not previously produced albums.

We intend to begin awarding a Best Contemporary
A cappella League (CAL) Album award for groups that are part of CASA’s
CAL program
although it is currently unclear if there will be sufficient
submission to warrant this category in 2009

Any original pro song can win best original; it’s
no longer restricted to pop/rock songs

We have eliminated the Doo-Wop category due to
limited submissions over the past 5 years

We have added the Hip-Hop/R&B category

Depending on the number of submissions, we are
splitting the Barbershop awards into awards for: male quartets, female
quartets, male choruses, female choruses

We have created CARA-branded 2009 Winner
stickers that all winners may buy at cost to affix to winning albums

As was the case last year, scholastic groups are
eligible for all genre awards except for Pop/Rock if more than half of their
album is within a particular genre (i.e. jazz)

Arranging awards for college groups may only be
won by people who were in the group at the time of recording in order to focus
on rewarding creativity and excellence in collegiate artists

We will be awarding a Best Solo award for high
school groups, as we already do for collegiate groups.

As was the case last year, all recordings that
are publicly available are eligible for the CARAs; we no longer require that
all submissions come in the form of a physical CD

Groups have been invited to send more than the
required 3 CDs so that any extras can be contributed to CASA’s charitable
Tune to Teens program

Any group with at least one Gold level member of
CASA can request brief notes and feedback written by the nominators and/or
judges. They must sign up for this service on the submission form if they would
like to take advantage of it.


Feel free to email Julia Hoffman, Director of the CARA Program, at cara At casa Dot org
with questions or concerns.