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It’s been a long week for me – LA A Cappella Festival last Saturday, drove back to Vegas that night, left Vegas Sunday afternoon to drop my family off in Utah, then I was in Reno on Tuesday to start a couple of weeks of gigging with Toxic Audio. Busy is fun!

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the LA-AF – it was a fantastic event. Well produced, well attended, and it really seemed to serve collegiate and post-college groups alike.

Recently I’ve been re-evaluating my opinion on a cappella originals. I still think they are vital, and, when done right, amazing. Yet, I’m leaning a bit back toward my old view point that one of the peculiar traits of a cappella that makes is it so attractive is the tradition of presenting old songs in new ways. The covers, re-interpreted for voice, are what attract most people.

And yet, there were the House Jacks, rocking the stage and thrilling the audience with a majority of their music being original, and I learned something extremely important about them – or rather, re-learned. Everyone writes in the group. It is simply an expectation: if you are in this band, you write songs.

Could it really be that simple for other groups? Could other groups really just set the standard, everyone will write a song, and do it?

The House Jacks do covers, and are particularly successful doing impromptu versions of songs requested by the audience. There is something thrilling about that, no doubt. However, their great original songs are just as, if not more so, impressive. Great music is great music, it doesn’t matter where it comes from.

In other news, the CARA nominations have been announced, and Harmony Sweepstakes season is coming up! My goal this Spring is to get as many original song nominees and winners as possible up in the mp3 library and on the podcast. If you have been nominated, send me an email and let’s chat!

Be original!

--Mister Tim

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