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by Amy Malkoff and Andrea Asuaje

As many of you have now heard, "The Sing-Off" has been renewed for a fourth season. Groups are honing their audition sets, new groups are forming, and speculation has begun as to which groups will ultimately be on the upcoming season (airing sometime around the holidays). Of course, we are just as curious, so we put together a short list of groups we think have a shot (if they audition, of course!). This is by no means a definitive list, and we want to hear who you think should or might be on the show. Please add your whos and whys in the comments below!

Florida State University's All Night Yahtzee (collegiate) - http://www.facebook.com/AllNightYahtzee

Pedigree: 3-time finals performers at the ICCAs (International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella); member Michael Amaya was in "Pitch Perfect"
Why they're contenders: a group to follow on the collegiate scene, their alums include people like Christopher Diaz (The Exchange, arranger/coach on TSO)

Musae (pro) - http://www.musaevocal.com/

Pedigree: 3 TSO alums (Johanna Vinson, Hannah Juliano, Kari Francis)
Why they're contenders: 3 of 5 members have TSO experience, incredibly strong leads and musicianship, and as a group they're on the leading front of the womens' aca resurgence.

University of Chicago's Voices in Your Head (collegiate) - http://voicesinyourhead.org/

Pedigree: award-winning collegiate group getting national attention
Why they're contenders: they've won several competitions with their truly groundbreaking arrangements and holy-crap-did-you-see-that?? choreography. They're doing things noone else is doing, and well.

Calabasas High School's Unstrumental (high school) - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Unstrumental/7901488238

Pedigree: award-winning high school group from a school that's located at the epicenter of entertainment
Why they're contenders: though a high school group, they've already bested college groups in competitions like the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival, and they're already right there in LA!

Overboard (pro) - http://www.overboardvocals.com/

Pedigree: at least a few TSO alums (Nick Girard, Johanna Vinson, Eric Morrissey)
Why they're contenders: stellar arrangements mostly by Girard, powerhouse vocals by all members, lots of recent touring should make for an incredibly gelled group, great energy and guys-with-one-girl lineup

The Exchange (pro) - http://www.exchangeofficial.com/

Pedigree: Four out of five members of the group are "The Sing-Off" alums (Jamal, Richard and Aaron sang in groups; Christopher worked as a vocal coach)
Why they're contenders: These guys formed in 2012 and have already released a full-length album and are on their SECOND world tour. And they're so handsome!

Traces (pro) - https://www.facebook.com/Traces5

Pedigree: Winners of New York Harmony Sweeps 2011.
Why they're contenders: This group of outstanding, soulful female voices sing a very wide range of music, including bossa nova, R&B and spirituals, so the women will appeal to lots of viewers.

University of Colorado Denver Mix (collegiate)

Pedigree: Won 2nd place at SoJam X. 1st place Mile High Vocal Jam. Champions of BOSS 2013 collegiate competition. A collegiate group that performs original music.
Why they're contenders: This refreshing and innovative group brings a sense of theatricality to each performance, making for great TV.

The Funx (pro) - https://www.facebook.com/TheFunx

Pedigree: Award-winning soloists and TSO alum Robert Dietz
Why they're contenders: This group of groovy singers take the four- guys-one-extremely-powerful-female formula to a funky place. And lead female Ariel Arbisser would make the audience and judges begging for more.

University of Georgia Accidentals - https://www.facebook.com/ugaaccidentals

Pedigree: Very powerful ICCA competitors from the South
Why they're contenders: This group of guys is lovable, funny and like singing Justin Bieber: What more could a cappella fangirls ask for?

Now you! Who do you think will be on? Who do you want to see?