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From bass to tenor, and alto to soprano, more than 20 singers will perform a cappella as the Air Capital Chorus presents its annual summer benefit concert on Saturday and June 30.

The group will sing and dance in an original romantic spoof titled “Another Midnight Serenade: Deja Vu.”

“It’s unique and it’s original,” said assistant director and performer Jeff Moler. “It’s pretty inspiring.”

Moler, a bass, sang in college. Then he gave it up. In 2009, he realized that music needed to be an integral part of his life, so he joined the Air Capital Chorus. Every Tuesday evening for the past four years, he has practiced with this barbershop group.

“It’s average men who love to sing,” Moler said. “We have people from the community, average blue-collar workers and average white-collar workers that can put on a quality production.”

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