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UCD (University of Colorado Denver) Mix… I can’t. After seeing them take first runner-up last year at SoJam, I had hoped they would again take the stage at Duke Energy Center in Raleigh this year and, luckily for everyone in attendance, they did. This year, Mix upped the ante by bringing not only their stellar vocals, but also various set pieces for the different rounds of competition. Attention to detail is one of the traits that set them apart, and from their backdrops to their very carefully picked song choices, they nailed it.

The first sounds we heard from Mix could have easily painted the western-inspired backdrops behind them in the audience’s mind had they not provided them. They skillfully emulated a train pulling into the station before launching into a set of songs that easily fit into the classic western stage they set. One thing that really hit me about Mix’s set was their choreography was very theatrical rather than dancy, but never came across as overly-so; they made you believe it. Their unique style, small size, and, oh yeah, the fact that they pulled off a second outfit change on stage really set this group apart, and we haven’t even mentioned their soloists.

After doing a little research on the group, I found out they have a director who specializes in teaching healthy belt voice singing and researches 20th century belters. Figures. Their soloists showed amazing control, range, and vocal dexterity with some seriously phenomenal belting thrown into the mix, and I can only assume Dr. Hackel had some part in that. What’s more, they had an impeccable blend in the background. I can’t say enough about the musicality of this group of performers, but I won’t continue to babble trying. Check out their channel on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/ucdmix) and see for yourself why this group reigned supreme at SoJam 2013.


[photo: Michael Eldredge / Living Fiction Photography]

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Nina Beaulieu is a recent graduate of James Madison University where she studied Converged Media in the School of Media Arts and Design and minored in Music Industry. She was a member of The BluesTones, an award-winning all-female group at JMU. She currently works for Musictoday, a Live Nation company, in Crozet, VA. Her spirit animal is a lion, and like Taio Cruz, she’s not easy to please.