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The Sing-Off is a show with fans around the globe, from all walks of life. And yet I wasn't necessarily expecting there to be a pocket of avowed followers from the... National Football League!

A few of the various twitter posts include:

"The Sing Off a dope show" - Cecil Shorts III, Wide Receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars

"The Sing-Off is the real deal!" - Justin Forsett, Running Back for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Mind you, the NFL is in full swing right now. These guys are unbelievably busy each week, with little free time. And yet, in the middle of it all, Jordan Rodgers (backup QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) live tweeted the entire first episode, such as:

"The way the Footnotes harmony, this should be considered a sport"

And when one of his followers asked him "You drunk?", he replied

"Yeah drunk off vibrato and perfect harmony"

Which got me thinking: there are many similarities between football and contemporary a cappella. Raw talent needs to be honed into precise skill through practice and coaching. A group/team comes together, under a great director/coach, and learns a series of songs/plays that they'll execute/perform in front of a large audience, each with a clearly defined role for every member yet there are places and times for improvisation.

Lest you don't think improvisation important, watch the highlights from yesterday's game, where Colin Kaepernick (quarterback of the San Francisco Forty Niners) repeatedly was forced to think on his feet and came up with some fantastic plays against the Tampa Bay Bucs (sorry, Jordan!)

Maybe that's why David Bakhtiari (Green Bay Packers) tweeted to Alexis Knapp (Stacey from Pitch Perfect) "Hey Alexis, the Packers O-line (offensive line) wants in on Pitch Perfect 2. What do we have to do to be in it? #secretlyaddicted"

To which fellow Packers teammate TJ Lang commented "It's disturbing how we can quote that movie word for word"

And another member of the Pack Benjamin Anderson replied "I think TJ would be the guy with nodes, and Josh Sitton would have the Fat Amy solo"

Then a fourth Packer Don Barclay replied "Sounds right"

I didn't expect this, but again, I'm not entirely surprised. Watching a group joke with each other and deal with turmoil behind the scenes, and then deliver a remarkably precise and powerful performance through teamwork... that's exactly what they do. It's what they live for.

Which probably explains why football is my favorite sport. My only sport, really. So much strategy, preparation, consideration. Some very skilled individuals in different ways coming together and with superlative coaching creating a sum that's greater than the individual parts. It's not just pure athleticism, and it's not a solo sport, and it's not constantly free flowing (like soccer). There are plays, like songs. There are soloists and background singers, and those roles change. There are common tropes, and variations, and expectations, and countermoves, and last minute judgement calls. Sometimes on stage, with the House Jacks, I'll go off our scripted setlist and call an "audible" because I see the audience is moving in a different direction.

In short, it all makes sense, and yet until today I hadn't seen such a bold example, a concord of aca-nerds and jocks.

So, in the spirit of spreading harmony through harmony, here's my offer: free arrangements and free coaching for the first football team that fields an a cappella group from within its ranks. Or a group with players from various teams. Don't worry about voice parts or experience; you rally the guys, I'll get you sounding good.

Don't worry, I know you guys are busy until Febuary... I can wait.


Deke Sharon founded CASA (and other stuff), makes TV shows ("The Sing-Off"), movies ("Pitch Perfect"), sings (The House Jacks), produces albums (Straight No Chaser, Street Corner Symphony, Committed, Nota, Bubs), wrote a book (A Cappella Arranging), publishes sheet music (Hal Leonard), and custom arranges music (over 2,000 songs). You can find him at www.dekesharon.com