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We are excited to announce that the 2015 CAL Retreat will take place in Boston, MA the weekend of July 24-26! The CAL program is working on a new schedule that will feature a new format for VoCALnation and a CAL Retreat on an every other year basis.

A detailed schedule will be posted shortly, but for now plan for social events around the city throughout the weekend, and roundtables at Emmanuel College on Saturday. There will be no cost for the retreat for current CAL leadership and a $25 fee for non-CAL group members that attend.

The retreat will be a chance for group leaders (music directors, business managers, marketing/PR people etc.) to get together and learn from each other. Join us for various social and networking events, as well as a possible Boston CAL showcase for some music!

Please RSVP to Dan directly (dan@casa.org) by June 24 (1 month before). We would love to see lots of CAL groups represented this weekend. When you RSVP, let Dan know who will be attending from your group.