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SmarterMusicI would like to present to CASA a hip new blog that has a huge section about a cappella arranging. SmarterMusic (http://smartermusic.us) empowers and enriches by teaching skills that any arranger uses when making a cappella arrangements. If you're a newbie and want to learn how to start, breeze through the Quick and Dirty 10-step Guide. If you have some miles on your arranging engine, take a look at ways you can play with bell chords.

However, if everything we have up there is old hat to you, we would love more input or suggestions! SmarterMusic is all about sharing and spreading the knowledge that makes good music, regardless of who is doing the arranging. In the next couple of months, us chaps at SmarterMusic will be developing a music theory section to build the core skills that are used in most musical endeavors; harder, better, faster, stronger. Check back often, yackback at us, and tell your friends!