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So I have finished my first "from scratch" chart.  It's a source-true arrangement of Sting's "Fortress Around Your Heart", and so far the only thing I've heard it on is my PC's MIDI Synth software.  But I like it and am rather proud that I actually did it. 

It's probably a week away from hearing the voices in my group perform it.  So, how does one go about getting this sort of thing critiqued?  Is there a League function for this?  Anyone with experience want to take pity on a first-timer and shred my hard work and ego to bits?  I am terrified to offer it (which tells me I should do it) but I am hoping that there's learning to be had.


have a look see

Big T!

We are working on an arrangement critique/evaluation/feedback feature for CASA members... working out the legal details, but it should be online soon.

For the time being, send me a copy if you want some feedback: I'm on a mac, so if you can convert it to a wav or mp3, and get a pdf of the sheet, I can take a look!


You scare me....not as much as Deke probably, but still.  That means I HAVE to send it to you (darn these rules).

It's on it's way to the @vocalitysingers addy.  Thanks for taking the time to look at it!!!!

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