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Hell everyone. This is my first blog here on casa. Just letting everyone know I'm starting up a new a cappella group here in my hometown of Chicago. I'm looking to make a mixed (SATB) group which'll focus on not only a cappella pop music (and I've already begun arranging some more recent songs), but also delve into a few other genres like jazz, oldies (do wop, rock 'n roll), barber shop, and theme music (like TV, Video Game or Movie Themes).

This'll be a fun group where you get to really explore the whole world of what a cappella brings to music. If anyone's interested, feel free to visit our temporary facebook page: Chi-Town Vocals

or shoot me an email at Nightstar_INC@yahoo.com



I actually just edited my post so that it would be updated.

Music is the color to our ears.

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