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The Sing-Off Hits #1 On iTunes Soundtrack Songs Charts

CULVER CITY, Calif., Nov.

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-6 (Oct. 24): Top 8 (2nd Hour)

Urban Method: seriously, y'all gotta chill out. Their opening video package makes them sound like they think they're being led to the slaughter or something.

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, episode 3-6 (Oct. 24): Top 8 (1st hour)

Tonight's episode is all hip-hop, which fills me with both excitement and unease. featureimage: 

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UO vocalist still singing

Eugene’s Johanna Vinson, 23, will appear at least one more time in the third season of NBC’s “The Sing-Off” as a member of a cappella supergroup Delilah, airing M