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5th Judge: The Sing-Off, episode 3-4 (Oct. 10): round 2, bracket 2 (1st hour)

As soon as we see the absurd set for the opening number, Samantha says "Remember that episode of Family Guy where Stewie runs away

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A capella awe: How are their voices doing that?!

When watching the NBC reality show "The Sing-Off," a singing competition featuring a cappella groups, it's incredible to hear how full a sound the singers can produce with just their pure voices

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Singing anthem, Deltones face a different kind of pressure

PHILADELPHIA -- It's nerve-wracking enough to sing in a studio for a national TV audience, as the University of Delaware's a cappella singing group -- The Deltones -- has done th

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'The Sing-Off' recap: Doo-Wop and Electropop

You know that feeling when you aren't quite crying, but your eyes still get all teary when you're listening to something truly beautiful?

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-2 (Sept. 26), 2nd Hour: Round 1, Bracket 4

Hour two of episode two begins with Nick Lachey's sticking by his new catchphrase: "The show that's riding the wave of a whole new musical movement." You're a musicologist now?