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Nick Lachey Talks The Sing-Off, The Voice, and the Importance of Discovering Talent — Exclusive

It’s been two years since NBC hit acapella singing competition The Sing-Off was on the air, but the show is gearing up for a Season 4 — with

5th Judge: The Sing-Off, Episode 3-11 (Nov. 28): live finale!

As this episode is as close to a free-for-all as the show gets, I'm not going to go nuts with analyzing arranging and performance choices this time around. Not very nuts, anyway.

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The Sing-Off Set Visit: Returns for an Extended Third Season

Get those ears of yours in tune, America, because another televised singing competition is about to start but this time its all a cappella.

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Nick Lachey tells all about 'The Sing-Off' and his kiss-off to bachelorhood

Back in December 2009, when Nick Lachey did a telephone conference call with journalists to promote his reality-TV a capella singing competition "The Sing-Off," the assembled reporters were told in