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Sound equipment

With Deke's encouragement, I'm starting a thread regarding sound equipment recommendations for live performance. 

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Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: DeltaCappella

Most people in Memphis, Tenn. recognize Jay Mednikow’s last name.  He’s the President of J.H. Mednikow & Co., a company that has been selling fine jewelry in Memphis for more than a century. But every Monday night, Jay turns his attention from carats to crescendos. He’s a founding member of DeltaCappella, a contemporary men’s a cappella group based in Memphis.

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EEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOO.....BLAMMO! (with due respect to Bill Cosby).

So I went and opened my mouth a few months back.  In retrospect, I probably did it unconsciously.  A subconscious, "kick-in-the-pants".

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The Journey begins...

Tonight is the first meeting of a group of people that will eventually form "Sono" or whatever the name becomes.  Wish me luck!

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Seattle Contemporary A Cappella

Seattle Contemporary A Cappella, new CASA League group, is seeking members, all voice parts. We are a new group learning to grow and develop our identity. Are you or yourself an a cappella alum in the Seattle, WA or know someone who is? Spread the word? Check out the site www.seaacappella.weebly.com