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New DC All-Female Group Seeking Members!

The District is the newest all-female group to hit the post-collegiate acappella scene. featureimage: 

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EMPIRE Spring Auditions, NYC all-female a cappella

NYC LADIES! Have you been waiting for the chance to audition for a kick-ass all-female group right here in NYC? Well, now's your chance!

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Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: The MetropoliTONES

Ten years ago, in a city still reeling from the devastating events of 9/11, a group of women seeking comfort and fellowship came together to harness the healing power of music.  These ladies,

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Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: greenTONE

To be perfectly honest, having been born and raised in Florida, all I really know of the United States is the east coast and California.

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Here is My Rant:

I hate all-female a cappella. Hate it. Loathe it. Cannot stand half of the things that grace the stage. featureimage: