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Cartoon Johnny to perform at SoJam! FREE All Access Pass Offered!

Cartoon Johnny and the SoJam team have just announced the group's first appearance at SoJam! featureimage: 

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Cartoon Johnny is auditioning!

After 5 great years with our current line-up, Cartoon Johnny is in transition. Tenor Malcolm Lee is leaving at the end of the fall season to pursue musical theater interests. featureimage: 

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Harmony Invitational Debuts on 9/25 in Washington, DC

Ball in the House, Blue Jupiter, Cartoon Johnny and DoubleShot! will perform in inaugural event

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Inside View: 2009 Harmony Sweepstakes Finals pt. 2 of 2: Obligatory Sound Rant!

Obligatory sound rant!  The sound was really good.  ... hmm, that’s not much of a rant.  How about this: