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Making Money As An A Cappella Group

A group that sings together for fun operates a lot differently than a group that

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Building An A Cappella Organization, Not Just A Group

When I first joined my collegiate a cappella group, I joined to sing. Plain and simple, I wanted to sing with a talented group of ladies.

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Why I Don't Worry When I Get a Letter from the IRS

The IRS thinks I make money singing a cappella.  After I stopped laughing at how ridiculous that was, I realized that it was a serious letter that I had to respond to. 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 1 of 2

Hypothesis: Within the entertainment industry, a cappella groups are more similar to MAGICIANS than to any other act (including bands). Read below for details, and get ready to discuss! Remember, this is just a hypotheses... even if it’s not totally right, is some of it right?  Use your critical, scientific mind. featureimage: 

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Six ways to make a live show appealing to the masses (not just the a cappella junkie)

1- “Make ‘em Laugh.  Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh?”  There can’t be a truer statement.  And making audiences laugh can be accomplished in many ways.  Take for example Toxic Audio.  They have Paul Sperrazza with his physical/human jump rope humor; but they also do it with Jeremy James’ wit and improv rap/rhym