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a cappella videos from Mister Tim and moosebutter and McAfee

McAfee software presents five a cappella renditions of infamous (and 100% real) spam email texts.

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Stage Crazy pt.2: Weird Happens.

In a recent interview, I was asked "Has anything really weird happened to you on stage?"  I initially answered with a stock platitude...

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The Sing Off: Casting a Wide Net

When moosebutter went into the audition room this past Saturday, auditioning for The Sing Off in Los Angeles, we were in with an Oregon college group, a smooth, old-school quartet of old African-American men, and a couple of groups called m*pact and Mosaic.  featureimage: 

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Star Wars: Revenge of the Vocalists

VoiceCouncil asks Mister Tim of moosebutter how his YouTube success might apply to all vocalists. Your John Williams-Star Wars vocal tribute is nothing less than inspired. How did this come about? Star Wars was conceived and arranged by me and the other two original members of the A Cappella comedy group moosebutter waaaaay back in 1999. We premiered it the night before Episode I opened in the US. It’s been on YouTube a few times, but it never got big.

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Why You Should Audition for The Sing Off

Do yourself a favor: DON'T audition with the delusion that you are going to get on the show.  Statistically, realistically, just assume it ain't gonna happen.  But there are so many reasons to audition anyway! -There is no downside.  There is no negative thing that could happen to you that would outweigh the good that will come from auditioning for The Sing Off.  Only good, for you, and for a cappella at large.