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Don't Be That Guy

Centuries ago, most people never travelled or lived more than 3 miles from their birthplace. featureimage: 

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Global Community Building: An Interview With Florian Städtler

I was recently fortunate enough to sit down with Florian Städtler, head of “The Vocal Blog” and one of the biggest names in the European A Cappella scene.

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The Failure and Potential Future of Vocal Jazz Harmony

Sitting on a flight from Beijing to ShenZhen, listening to Bill Evans on my iPod, I'm inspired to write about a topic that has long haunted me: featureimage: 

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News from The Real Group


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Report: Online Workshop with Real Group

On March 8th, Quintessence (6 singers, 3 male - 3 female, based in Ottawa, Canada) did a trial workshop with Peder Karlsson of the Real Group, from the RG studio in Sweden. Despite a few minor technical glitches, it went very well and we found it to be an enjoyable and useful experience. Video and photos here.General Technical: