Los Angeles based vocal group, Red Harmony is looking for a Tenor!

Red Harmony, a Los Angeles based mixed A Cappella Vocal Band, is looking for a Tenor! www.redharmony.org Our new member would ideally possess the following:

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back after the Holidays

FORK is back to work today after a long wellrested vacation. We had lots and lots of snow here in Helsinki over the Holidays.

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Groove is In the Heart: David O'Brien

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Google-izle Your Group!

Managing a high school, collegiate or even semi-pro group can be a daunting task. But don't worry - you're not alone. I'm here to give you a few hints in managing your group with free services from our Google Overlords. That's right, this isn't a commercial, but just suggestions on how you could use a few of these tools to help improve the organization and efficiency of your group. featureimage: 

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I need YOU for a CASAcademy series on fundraising for a cappella!

I am putting together a new article series for CASAcademy on fundraising a cappella groups. One topic I will be covering is getting funding from your college - whether from the school's administration itself, through an arts department, or from the student association or the like. Except I only know about that at the school I went to! featureimage: