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Robert Dietz: Turn Up The Creativity Dial

I review for RARB, and the question people ask me most often is “have you gotten any really bad CDs lately?”  Three years ago when I first got started the answer was yes, I got them all the ti

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A Cappella 2.0 and the Age of Free - New models of Sales and Marketing

One of the things that constantly amazes me about the current time that we live in is the number of things you can get for free, legally and illegally. From music to movies, to games to software to everything else, people are either illicitly providing it for free or explicitly making it free.

Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards - CARAs

There exists an entire community of music-makers that dedicate their time and/or careers to making music with nothing but the human voice.

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Tunes To Teens

Free CDs to School Choirs - inspiring young singers with a cappella music