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The ‘Cool’ Kids of College A Capella: Can America’s Dorkiest Music Genre Calm Down?

Before this weekend we believed the world could be divided into two sets of people: Those who liked the cheesy theatrically of a capella groups and those who would rather Lena Dunham their ears w

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American Idol Production Company Partners With A Capella Group For New Project

The success of Pitch Perfect has one famous production company thinking that a

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UNL a cappella groups invited to compete in national competition

It takes a certain kind of musician to forgo all instrumental accompaniment and rock a tune with the pipes he or she was born with.

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Local’s A Cappella Company Featured In New Film

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Ben Spalding's High School Blog: An Interview With Varsity Vocals' Andrea Poole

When deciding to take the position of Program Manager of High School Outreach for CASA, I thought about all of the different areas of high school a cappella that I could promote. featureimage: