The Sing-Off, episode 4-3 (Dec. 12): top 8, 1st bracket

Gospel goes polka, humility leads to boredom, and the Dark Side of the Battle is revealed.

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Tales From the Spit- Random Ramblings, The Sing-Off, A Cappella Education Association

The snow has started falling here in NY State and I thought it was time to play catch up here on my blog.

The Sing-Off, Episode 4-2 (Dec. 11): top 9

Wherein the judges' advice is ignored, taken too seriously, and then ignored again.

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Robert Dietz: "Sing-Off" Arranging Tricks Of The Trade

Whenever I talk to people about The Sing-Off who are in the know about a cappella, one question invariably arises: “so how much of the arranging does the music team actually do?” The answe featureimage: 

The Sing-Off, episode 4-1 (Dec. 9): season premiere (1st hour)

The World Series of contemporary a-cappella returns, leaner, meaner, and Jewel-ier.