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New Camp Alert: Creative Vocal Lab and Choral Conservatory

A Cappella Learnin' is on the rise as more people seek to be involved at various levels from high school (or earlier!) to pro. Camps and seminars and classes are popping up all over.

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Petra Haden Goes To The Movies

Petra Haden’s got music in her blood.

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How Smooth McGroove quit his day job to record a capella versions of classic gaming tunes (interview)

The video game industry is gigantic. It supports billion-dollar empires like Nintendo and Activision. But it also supports tons of cottage industries as well.

Wanted Accapella Singers

wanted 3 accapella experenced singers,needed 1 ultra low  Bass singer,1 2nd tenor barratone,and 1 swing man singing 1st tenor 2nd tenor and Barratone,must be from the milwaukee wisconsin area

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Go Away With ... Kevin Olusola

By Jae-Ha Kim, Tribune Media Services Celebrity Travel by Jae-Ha Kim