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MOSAIC on America's Got Talent

Hey everyone, Troy from MOSAIC here... You may or may not know that we made it through the Las Vegas rounds of America's Got Talent ! (nothing confidential being divulged here, BTW...completely public knowledge) Please TUNE IN on Tuesdays and see if we can get this artform of ours further into the mainstream!  Thanks for the support! We'll do our best to represent!  

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America's Got Talent, pt. 3

American may got talent... but they don't got us!  They didn’t show us! This is the final report on my experience auditioning for America's Got Talent... and I hate to to break it to you, but it's kind of anti-climactic.  My group moosebutter did in fact audition in front of the judges, on camera, for America’s Got Talent.  In Los Angeles, in May. 

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America's Got Talent, pt. 2

I still can't (technically) talk about my experience on America's Got Talent, but if I could, I would just mention (for the three or four of you that actually watch the show, who might actually care): Them buzzers are LOUD.   When you see people flinch when the buzzers go off, it's because it is painful.  For example, check out David Johnson with the best song so far this season:  featureimage: 

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Inside View: America's Got Talent

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent three times this year.  With three different groups.  Each group had it’s own path to the contest, and each had a different result. So now I’m going to give you the raw, unadulterated, inside scoop on the whole process! [REDACTED]