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Video Of The Week, 3.26.14

Level - "Sweet Life" (Frank Ocean cover) Your day needs some of this. You're welcome.

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"The Sing-Off"'s Robert Dietz: Mid-Season Arranging Magic

In the middle of a Sing-Off run, the main challenge is always about figuring out new ways to show off a group’s talent, or finding new contexts in which to display talents they’ve already featureimage: 

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Robert Dietz: "Sing-Off" Arranging Tricks Of The Trade

Whenever I talk to people about The Sing-Off who are in the know about a cappella, one question invariably arises: “so how much of the arranging does the music team actually do?” The answe featureimage: 

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The Awards Trap

Robert Dietz has an excellent blog in which a recent posting urging a professional arranger category in the