Recording Review: UPenn Dischord's "Shake It Up"

I am a music connoisseur. I enjoy music for music itself, not necessarily the lyrical content of a song. As this is my first review of an album for this website, I feel that I should explain my musical background, history, and criterion for when it comes to musical critiques of recorded a cappella music.

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Rehearse Across the Globe!

In February of 2009 Deke Sharon had mentioned future capabilities with the future of A Cappella like rehearse online without annoying lag in his post featureimage: 

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Recording Review: Tufts Amalgamates' "Prime"

As we have all come to expect from the (Tufts) Amalgamates, Prime is a natural but well-polished record; it may have a pop-y sound, but they draw from a wide variety of pop/rock styles wit

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Recording Review: Virginia Sil’hooettes' "Take It To The Bridge"

The Virginia Sil’hooettes have been one of my favorite female groups for a while now.  It seems like every song I hear of theirs I really enjoy.  Although I didn’t get a chance to hear their last album in its entirety, I really loved Butterflies and Hurricanes off of Voices Only.  So I was excited to hear Take It To The Bridge (awesome album name, by the way).

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From Soup to Nuts

A week long seminar in the beautiful Bay