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Multimedia Review: The House Jacks, 7/10/09

This past Friday’s House Jacks concert in Cambridge, MA was part of a 3-date east coast tour, a little tour-lette not uncommon for the House Jacks these days. In the interest of full disclosure, I will say up front that I have seen them several times over the years, that they are one of my favorite bands (not “a cappella bands”, but bands, period), and also friends.

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Recording Review: Brandeis VoiceMale’s “Suit Up”

(Disclaimer: This is not structured as a song-by-song review, so you may want to check out the track list here-- http://forum.rarb.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5314) 

Recording Review: The Orphan Sporks’ “A Little Bite of Everything”

Rutgers University's The Orphan Sporks’ “A Little Bite of Everything” begins with an “Intro” that is reminiscent of the group’s perennial demeanor. The group starts with whimsical ululation in 5-part harmony and breaks down into raucous revelry, out of which emerges the directive “And…let’s go!”

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Recording Review: SoCal VoCals – Unanimous

The SoCal VoCals changed my perspective on a cappella.  I spent years being very anti-choreography.  Then I saw the, now famous, near-perfect set at ICCA on YouTube and I was blown away. Their vocals were amazing, the movements complemented the songs well; it was no wonder that they won the ICCA Championship.  When I saw that they put out a new album I had to check it out.  Would it hold up the standard I had already set for them in my head?

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Harmony Finals 2009 - A Fan's perspective

I sat on this review for about a week too long, so hopefully it will still find curious eyes.  I was not sure what I wanted to say about the experience as this was my first time watching the Finals but my second review of a Harmony Sweepstakes show.  I feel it pointless to say "this group was great", "this group was fantastic", etc.