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Recording Review: BeBossa Grupo Vocal

Imagine walking into the Copacabana. The colors are bright and the air is light.  Everyone moves with a feathered step like they were walking on the air.  Smiles are passed around like martinis and daiquiris.  And the band – oh the band – the horns play a spicy rhythm with the basses walkin’ smoothly through the medley.  This smoke-filled room – this warm atmosphere – is what’s contained in BeBossa’s freshman album.  

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Recording Review: Dartmouth Aires' "Extraordinaire"

In order to truly understand why I chose to review this album, first you have to understand my relationship with the Dartmouth Aires.  About four years ago, I was directing an a cappella group, and at the pinnacle of my a cappella obsession (acasession?).  I wanted to build up my repertoire of albums not only to enjoy, but also to learn from.  One of the albums on that list was the Dartmouth Aires’ “Impaired” album.  It had just won the 2005 CARA Male Collegiate Album of the Year Award as they did with thei

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ICCA/ICHSA Finals – April 18th, 2009 – Lincoln Center

ICCA/ICHSA Finals – April 18th, 2009 – Lincoln CenterA 225-Minute Timestamp, Complete with Backflips and Jumpsuits!By: Doug Friedman

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Concert Review: ICCA West Semifinals - March 28, 2009

[Editor's Note: This review was written by an anonymous contributor]

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LA Harmony Sweepstakes

Last Saturday I attended the LA Harmony Sweepstakes as a fan and as part of my ongoing effort to network with people in the community. I was not disappointed on either point.