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Concert Review: 2009 Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes Regional - April 4, 2009

Sweep Sweep N Sweep Sweep, Yeah Los Angeles Regionals, Harmony Sweepstakes April 4, 2009 By Amy Bob Engelhardt

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Inside View: Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes

  Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes: Official site and results

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Inside View: Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes

Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes: Official page and results here 

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Recording Review: BOCA '09

The new album is here and with it, the continued evolution of college a cappella. So with no further ado… 1 – Where’s The Love (Remix)/Brandeis VoiceMale VoiceMale’s third contribution to BOCA - ridiculously polished, as always. Not for the purists! Some cheesy vowels, but the effects compensate. And really neat percussion effects (but a little too artificial for me).  When did Hanson do this originally, 1997? Definitely out of the blue, but VoiceMale pulls it off.

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Concert Review: 2009 Chicago Regional Harmony Sweepstakes - March 21st, 2009

I'll offer my perspective on the Chicago sweeps, held just this past Saturday 3/21. I admit I did not take notes on exactly what songs were sung, but this should provide a good review of the fun night. And I'm pretty sure the order of groups is correct, but again I might be wrong. So please forgive me in advance. The anticipation of the 2009 Chicago Regional Harmony Sweepstakes was high, with several groups new to the lineup: 1st Half