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Roots: Where You Began

Deke's last post on professional groups and community involvment struck a chord with me, enough to strike up another subject I haven't read about in a while. So you are a sophomore, at a small private college, somehere out in the country - in the middle of nowhere. Your group has campus performances and occasionally visits the nearby university as a guest group. You are low on exposure, but talent is one thing you are not lacking. Your entusiasm and drive are being tested. What do you do?

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Inside View: Harmony Sweepstakes Finals pt. 1 of 2

 Official results HERE Sometimes the cards play out right.  Sometimes they play out weird. 

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The astonishing, magnificent Harmony Sweepstakes

Contemporary a cappella would not be what it is today without the Harmony Sweepstakes.  Do you have any idea how influential the competition is?  How vital it has been to the growth and dissemination of contemporary a cappella? What started out as a regional festival 25 years ago has become an annual national competition.  Just the longevity is reason to take note.  25 years. 

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Male Singers Wanted for COMMON SOUND in Boston

Common Sound, Boston’s newest co-ed a cappella group, is seeking talented basses, baritones, and tenors living in the area. Our group was founded last year by two Boston University a cappella alumni, and we've been growing in size and musical ability ever since.  Common Sound’s mission is simple: create an excellent a cappella sound rooted in all of our eclectic musical tastes, and perform for anyone who wants to listen.

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 we just finished recording our CD with Kat Linker! so fun! we love diovoce/vocal source!