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Anoop Needs Your Vote!

[As of today, Anoop Desai is still in the running on "American Idol". Check out http://www.americanidol.com for more info. Below, Dave Sperandio passes on Brandon Baird's plea to support Anoop. - Ed.] If you've been following this season's installment of American Idol, you know that former UNC Clef Hanger Anoop Desai has made it to the Top 36!  Now that the judges have had their say, it's time for you to cast your vote for Anoop - and for all a cappella!

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The Real Group offers free trial workshop session

Have a workshop with a TRG member - for free! During the spring of 2009, the Real Group tests a workshop session concept, where they set up a video conference call over the internet. Common equipment is used, which means that basically any vocal group in the world can have a try! You need a broadband internet connection, and some audio equipment. Your teacher will be one of the Real Group singers, each of whom has extensive experience in teaching vocal ensembles.

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Music in a Time of Want by Barry Carl

During the oxymoronically named Great Depression, more movie theaters were built in America than at any time either before or since. On first thought, this seems to counter the thinking of the arts-unfriendly legislators that view the arts as fluff, marginal annoyances, mere detours from the nuts and bolts business of putting the country’s economy back on track after eight years of unregulated, disastrous greed. So why, then, did this explosion of supposedly superfluous building take place during a time of financial meltdown?

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The Value of Awards

It's that time of year again.  The CARA nominees were recently announced right here on casa.org, the Grammys were presented Sunday night, and we're in the midst of the ICCA/ICHSA season as well.  Awards and competitions abound!

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Los Angeles A Cappella Fest - and The House Jacks!

It’s been a long week for me – LA A Cappella Festival last Saturday, drove back to Vegas that night, left Vegas Sunday afternoon to drop my family off in Utah, then I was in Reno on Tuesday to start a couple of weeks of gigging with Toxic Audio. Busy is fun! featureimage: