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Calling Newbie and Oldie arrangers

I would like to present to CASA a hip new blog that has a huge section about a cappella arranging. SmarterMusic (http://smartermusic.us) empowers and enriches by teaching skills that any arranger uses when making a cappella arrangements.

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From Soup to Nuts

A week long seminar in the beautiful Bay

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Introducing MusicaRanger!

I would like to introduce a new custom arrangement service, MusicaRanger! MusicaRanger makes tailored music arrangements to fit your needs, venues, and skill levels. Need a techno arrangement of Autumn Leaves for an all-male group, or a doo-wop spin on Gimmie More for a female quartet? No problem. How about an antiphonal double-ensemble composition for dueling trios, or a song for unaccompanied voice? We're stoked to meet you.

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A Cappella Originals: the Joy (?) of Editing

Sitting with Wes Carroll in a small café in San Francisco, listening to an acoustic guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.  He leans over to me and asks, “Do all of us singer/songwriters sound this monotonous?” The answer: yes. (and by yes, I mean, the vast majority). The bigger question: do ALL songwriters, not just the acoustic artsy singer/songwriter types, sound that monotonous? The answer, you better believe it, is YES (the vast majority).

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Inside View: America's Got Talent

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent three times this year.  With three different groups.  Each group had it’s own path to the contest, and each had a different result. So now I’m going to give you the raw, unadulterated, inside scoop on the whole process! [REDACTED]