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Tunes To Teens sends free CDs to Kenya

Tunes To Teens has now gone global, sending its first overseas shipment of free CDs to choral students in Kenya.  The Concert Choir at the International School of Kenya in Nairobi will soon receive CDs from groups like the Nylons and Transit, as well as CDs from popular compilations like SING, BOCA, BOHSA, and winners of the CARAs. 

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WHY you should never use THOSE WORDS

What word?  What words do you NEVER USE?  Read my other blog post here:http://www.casa.org/node/5012And then come back for the rest of this.1) It breeds animosity

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Original music in competition

 I sang a set of original music at the LA Harmony Sweepstakes last Saturday - THROAT did 4 original songs (the middle song was really 2 songs smooshed together). Pros: - it was super fun.   - The other musicians all admired the courage to do all original music.  Gives you street cred, apparently.   - Because people didn't recognize the songs, they also didn't recognize our mistakes ;-)   Cons:

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Inside View: Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes

  Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes: Official site and results